We offer counseling services in a comfortable and professional office setting. Whether it’s a young woman struggling with depression, a teenager experiencing suicidal thoughts, or a family having difficulty with a child’s social interactions, our counselors provide the assistance needed. Our staff has expertise with a broad range of problems that children and their families regularly encounter and offers individual, family, and group therapy. In addition to counseling, we offer medication management and home-based therapy.
Services are provided at our office, in schools, in client homes, and other community locations and we accept Medicaid as well as a full array of private insurance.

Who we serve

Families of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds, Families, Couples and Children that for one reason or another need a helping hand to deal with various issues that prevent them from reaching their full potential. The staff at CCC is dedicated to helping our patients live happy and healthy lives.

ADHD Department Services

How We Help

  • Diagnostic evaluations
  • Psychiatric evaluations and Medication Management for individuals with ADHD
  • Individual family and group treatment for ADHD-related and other disruptive behaviors
  • School-based treatment for ADHD-related and other disruptive behaviors
  • Consultation with pediatricians, and other health professionals working with your child




CCC offers therapeutic counseling based on best practices to help children and teens gain insight into their emotions and behavioral patterns, to develop more effective ways of coping, and improve their self-esteem and social skills in order to be successful in school and within their communities. Our Team provides services, support, and education to families with children who have challenges related to that child’s development, behaviors, and difficult family circumstances. Team members work collaboratively to gather information, make recommendations, provide services, and obtain resources for the family. Services are provided at the family’s home, in community settings (including child care programs), and in our office.

Our Team

Our clinicians have years of experience working with children, with foster care, family reunification and adoptions. We strive to make children feel safe, seen and valued and to help them adjust to the challenges they face. CCC partners with schools to provide mental health support to the students. We collaborate with school administrators, guidance counselors, and teachers to further enhance the school community by providing a wide array of mental health services. Anger Management classes/groups can be provided upon request by certified therapists. We provide consultation, treatment services (including individual & group therapy), and home-based services within the Pinellas County area, our team strives to help children and teens gain perspective and focus on conflict resolution skills.