Dr. Wanda Barnes, PhD, LMHC

Addiction (Substance Use Disorder) and Mental Health

Dr. Wanda Barnes PhD, LMHC

CEO / Clinical Director
Here, in the heart of St Petersburg, I am committed to providing clients with compassionate therapeutic services. I believe we are all a part of a family unit in some way: our family of origin, the families we choose for ourselves (friends) and/or the family we create. In this context, life challenges can happen. My goal is to use best practices, evidence based therapeutic modalities to help clients live fulfilling lives.I believe we are mind body and spirit and such our emotional, physical and spiritual health are need appropriate attention.
I believe children are a representation of who we once were. They are clean slates on which sadness and distress or happiness and content can be painted. I love to work with children and adults as they navigate the world they are creating for themselves. I am an Early Steps certified counselor (3 to 5 year olds) and a Florida Guardian Ad Litem. I believe those with emotional challenges can live wonderfully fulfilling lives and I am dedicated to helping them and their families achieve that. I believe parents are guiding lights for developing well-adjusted children. I am committed to work with those dealing with divorce, domestic abuse or grief in order to support the family unit. I believe drugs and alcohol can and will inhibit our ability to develop into all that God intended for us. I am committed to helping those suffering with addictions break these chains of bondage.